Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana


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We believe in Louisiana and its people.

Founded in New Orleans in 1934, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana has worked for over 80 years to improve the health and lives of Louisianians. The company is operated by Louisiana people and is mutually held. In other words, everyday policy-holding customers own Blue Cross.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, also completely operated by Louisianians. Together, the company and the Foundation invest around $3 million in the nonprofits that serve Louisiana’s people and communities.

Real change for Louisiana comes when regular people make a commitment to improving the lives of their friends, families and neighbors. Through our grants and support, we empower everyday people to do extraordinary good.

We connect people to resources. We support new ideas. Most importantly, we build partnerships. We know how to work with other nonprofit organizations, community leaders, legislators and healthcare decision-makers to make Louisiana a better place.

Because when it comes to the health of Louisiana, we’re all in it together. We know the power of unity and hope in addressing the challenges of our state — from hurricanes to oil spills to public health.